The only ERP that is also a CRM
Allows the management of activities related to the rental of furnitures, tools and equipment.
All products are connected to the warehouse and with a simple click you will be able to improve your business results.
It is an innovative solution that can optimize your rental business and manage warehouses by reducing costs and errors! We can provide flexible solutions that will adapt perfectly to you!

Furnitures and Equipment Rental Management

The main features which characterize and make our furnitures rental management software unique are:

Contract Management

RentHub allows you to independently modify information that will be subsequently reported in the contracts, also you can choose the contract in a foreign language.

Price lists management

Generation of price lists divided into categories and in PDF format.

Warehouse Management

RentHub manages one or more warehouses with precision and simplicity in order to always keep you updated on the availability of products and check the movements in case they have been rented or sold.

Lead Management

Lead management means manage people who are interested in your product or service. Thanks to RentHub it is easy to convert a Lead into a negotiation, making your company grow more and more!

Software for management and traceability of products, warning of shortages, inventory and products classification

Main features

  • Personal Data Management

  • Estimates Management

  • Advanced Product Management

  • Rate Management

  • Team Management (Sales / Work)

  • Agent Management

  • Calendar and Appointments Management

  • Rental and Sales Management

  • Extra Services Management

  • Invoicing and Electronic Invoicing Management

  • Customizable DDT (Transport Document)

  • Rate and Package Management

  • MULTI Warehouse Management

  • Historical Warehouse Management

  • Integrated Telephone Exchange

  • Telephone LOG management

  • Automatic sending of e-mails and SMS directly from the management system

  • Mail and SMS Campaign Management

  • Tracking of the purchase / sale price of products


Digital signature from tablet/smartphone

Thanks to Digital Signature, you can have contracts signed by your customers

from their home


Virtual Pos Integrated to Management System

Thanks to the integration of a Virtual POS, RentHub Management Software allows you to accept payments by credit card from any location without any need to have a physical POS or other tools.
Directly from our management system you can complete the payment with a simple click, pre-authorize payments on credit cards, request online payments and much more.
Your customers’ credit cards will be securely saved on servers complying the highest security standards and, thanks to tokenization, your customers’ credit cards will no longer be visible to anyone but you can always operate on them even after months!


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