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sistema di car-sharing

Car Sharing System

How does the Car Sharing system work?

Renthub offers Car Sharing solutions specifically designed to meet your every need!

Car Sharing with key collection system.

This system allows your customers to collect their vehicle keys at any time.
car sharing booking


The customer books online or the hirer places the reservation from Renthub.
check-in car sharing request mail

Check-in request

Renthub will send the customer the check-in request, through which he will enter his data, his documents and extra drivers.
car sharing instructions


The software will send the customer the instructions for collecting the keys.
car sharing key collection

Key collection

Easily the customer click on a link and he will be able to collect his keys at an automated collection point.
car sharing end

End of rental

Upon returning and with the same simplicity, you can return them.

Car Sharing with GPS device

A GPS device will be installed inside your vehicles. Thanks to GPS you can check the position of your vehicles, the route and the km traveled during the whole rental.
sistema di car sharing - booking


The customer has the possibility to book online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can search for closest car using GPS.
car sharing check-in mail

Check-in request

Renthub will send the customer the check-in request, through which he will enter his personal data and all the documents he need for the rental.

Damage Report

During check-in, the user will have the opportunity to report any damage to the vehicle. So you will be able to get an immediate report and assess the damage in real time.

Unlocking the car

After check-in, the car will unlock automatically. Once inside, just start the engine using the Start/Stop button or by collecting the key from the glove compartment.

End of rental

Once the rental is finished, the customer can start the drop-off procedure. At the end of the procedure, the car will lock automatically, ready to be rented by the next user.

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