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Rental with Driver Management Software

Explore the Key Features


Experience streamlined driver management with Renthub’s software. Easily input driving licenses, assign services, and handle days off.


Effortlessly catalog vehicle details, including brand, type, category, and maintenance records. Stay on top of deadlines and expenses, and customize rates and additional services.


Adding a new service is a breeze. Simply input the departure point, any intermediate stops, and the destination, and watch as the software automatically calculates kilometers, journey duration, and fares.

Additional Features

Standard Routes

Simplify your journey planning thanks to the frequently used routes section. Our software automatically calculates the distances and highlights the path on the map for your convenience.


Renthub offers you continuous access to your company’s performance insights via dynamic graphs and widgets, providing valuable statistical information. 

Time Off Management

Effortlessly manage your drivers’ time off using our dedicated calendar, allowing the software to automatically assign services without a hitch.


The scheduler displays assigned services and those awaiting assignment. You can either allocate them manually with easy Drag & Drop functionality or let the software automatically take care of it.


Create additional services tailored to your customers and set the corresponding rates, offering more value and options to your clientele.

Driver Tracking

Stay in control by keeping tabs on your drivers in real time. The map provides precise locations of your vehicles, displaying driver names and current speeds, ensuring complete oversight.

Renthub App

We’ve Got You Covered!

In our commitment to optimizing your business operations, we offer a user-friendly app, available for both iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android devices.

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The app that empowers your drivers to take charge of their services.

Each driver gains direct communication with customers. Moreover, the app equips every driver with the capability to initiate or conclude a service, access routes, and utilize navigation assistance. Additionally, drivers can input expenses related to the service or the vehicle. With the app’s built-in features, you can effortlessly track the real-time position of your drivers as well.


Explore the array of modules you can activate with our Rental with Driver Management Software
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Virtual POS

With Renthub, you can effortlessly accept credit card payments from virtually anywhere, without the need for a physical POS or additional tools. Discover how by clicking the button below!

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