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Manage the rental of cars, motorcycles, vans, boats, campers and much more.

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Discover the main features of our software


Planning shows past, present and future reservations. Adding a reservation, a quote or a car unavailability is very easy, just a click away!

Advanced statistics

Thanks to graphs showed on Dashboard you can consult advanced and detailed statistics that will provide you with information on your company!

Advanced rate management

Thanks to our advanced and dynamic pricing system, managing rental rates has never been so easier! For example, you can set and modify rates by period, type of vehicle, category, whatever your need is, and much more.

API integration

APIs allow your products or services to communicate with other products or services, saving you a lot of time and money. Exposing APIs to partners or public allows you to:
  • Create new revenue channels or expand the existing ones.
  • Expand your brand
  • Increse openness to innovation or efficiency through collaboration with the world
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Renthub Software has different features.

Choose the features that suit with you and we will assemble them according to your needs!

Digital signature

Try the “Digital Signature“! Forget paper. Let your customers sign and receive contracts …

Booking Online

Thanks to our Booking Engine your customers can book and pay on your website, without any risk of overbooking.

Online Check-in

Thanks to the online check-in, your customers will upload their personal data and documents through a dedicated area, simplifying the pick-up procedure.
Pos Virtuale

Virtual Pos

RentHub allows you to accept credit card payments from anywhere without a physical POS or other tools. Find out by clicking on the button below!

Other features


Widgets, graphics and tools that quickly show reservations and company performance. 


Set your company parameters, fill in the data that will appear in the documents generating by the software. Manage users and their level of access.


Manage yours rentals (cars, motorcycles, boats, scooters and other types of vehicles) easily. Manage fines, accidents and missed payments. 

Personal Data

Manage and monitor customers’ history. Send sms and emails and create marketing campaigns.

Vehicle fleet

Manage your vehicles by entering locations, brands, models, extra services, as well as mileage and time reminders for each vehicle. You also have a full list of your vehicles.


A feature designed to start advertising campaigns (email and SMS) in a quickly and easily way. You will be able to know who reads the email or who clicks on a banner!

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