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Car Rental Software

Revolutionize Your Rental Game!
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Unveil the Power of Planning

Our cutting-edge planning tools offer deep insights into your past, present, and future reservations, making it easier than ever to add bookings, generate quotes, and mark cars as unavailable—all with a single click!

Unlock the Power of Advanced Statistics

Explore comprehensive and detailed statistics on your company with the interactive graphs displayed on the Dashboard. Gain valuable insights into your business!
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Elevate Your Rate Management

With our advanced and dynamic pricing systems, fine-tuning rental rates has never been this smooth. Tailor rates by period, vehicle type, category, or anything in between, and discover a world of possibilities!

Effortless Fine Management

With our car rental software, fines are a breeze to manage. Easily notify the responsible local authorities of fines via email, set default management costs, and attach necessary documents such as driving licenses and rental agreements. Keep track of the fines you’ve sent and issue invoices. A Hassle-Free Way to Handle Fines!
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Empower Your Partners with our Booking App

With our exclusive App Partner, you’ll take your collaborations to the next level. Your business allies can effortlessly make reservations from any device—PC, smartphone, or tablet—and gain insights into year-by-year booking and service statistics. Improve your partnerships with this game-changing tool!

Supercharge Your Business with Seamless API Integration

APIs are the key to streamlining your operations and unlocking a world of possibilities. By sharing APIs with partners or the public, you can:

  • Forge new revenue streams and expand existing ones.
  • Unlock new horizons for growth amplifying your brand’s reach and reputation.
  • Open the doors to innovation and efficiency by collaborating with worldwide partners.


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Customized Features

Renthub Software offers a wide range of features.

Select the ones that suit your needs, and we’ll tailore them to your unique needs!

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Digital Signature

Go paperless and allow your customers to e-sign and digitally receive contracts…
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Online Booking

Discover the Power of Our Booking Engine! Your customers can easily book and pay on your website, with zero worries about overbooking.
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Online Check-in

Streamline the pickup process with online check-in, allowing your customers to breeze through pickup by easily uploading their personal data and documents to a dedicated portal.
Pos Virtuale

Virtual POS

With Renthub, you can effortlessly accept credit card payments from virtually anywhere, without the need for a physical POS or additional tools.

Automatic Upselling

Our system not only encourages your customers to purchase your services, like insurance but also empowers them to compare multiple options, making it easier than ever to choose what suits them best.
NPS Net promoter score

Net Promoter Score

Crafting NPS satisfaction surveys for your customers has never been simpler. Gather all the feedback you need to grow your business and elevate your customer experience!
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Workshop Orders

With Renthub, grant workshops (whether internal or external to your rental company) the power to streamline vehicle maintenance. Enjoy real-time notifications that keep everything on track!
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Car Sharing System

Revolutionize your service by implementing the Car-sharing system. Your customers can now pick up and drop off vehicles around the clock, without the hassle of additional staffing!
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GPS Tracking System

Gain complete control of your fleet with our GPS Tracking System. Simply install the device on your vehicles and access a treasure trove of real-time data.

Other features


Streamline Your Operations with Interactive Widgets, Graphics, and Intuitive Tools


Customize your company’s performance with ease by setting parameters, populating document data, and managing user access levels.


Effortlessly manage your fleet of vehicles, from cars and motorcycles to boats and scooters. Take control of fines, accidents, and payment tracking. Get ready to drive success!

Personal Data

Take control of your customer data and improve your marketing strategies. Send personalized SMS and email campaigns that captivate your audience.

Vehicle Fleet

Effortlessly manage your fleet with precision. Enter vehicle details, locations, brands, models, and additional services, all while setting mileage and time reminders for each vehicle. Access a comprehensive list of your entire fleet.


Experience the Future of Advertising Campaigns with ease. Launch email and SMS marketing campaigns in just a few clicks. Discover who’s engaging with your content and track banner clicks.

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