The Software that is also a CRM

Renthub's equipment rental software empowers you to seamlessly handle equipment rental operations.

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Renthub Equipment Rental Software

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Tailored Contracts

Create customized contracts with ease, allowing you to personalize the text and information displayed on your documents. Send multilingual contracts effortlessly.

Effortless Warehouse Management

Simplify your warehouse operations! Receive notifications about product availability and unavailability, ensuring efficient organization.

Enhanced CRM

Elevate your customer interactions with our CRM. Streamline information requests and drive business growth with just a few clicks.

Manage Prices and Rates with Precision

Our software empowers you to smoothly handle both sales and rentals. Set sales prices and rental rates with confidence, making pricing a breeze.

Additional Features

Our equipment rental software takes care of your product management needs, ensuring traceability and providing alerts for stock shortages. Effortlessly manage your inventory and classify products with precision.
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Efficient Warehouse Management

Warehouse operations are a breeze with our integrated system: 

✔️Manage barcodes and QR codes with our user-friendly app.
✔️Keep track of stock availability and unavailability in real-time, ensuring you’re always in control.
✔️Customize sales and rental prices on a per-product or category basis.
✔️Stay informed with product review notifications.
✔️Enhance product visibility with images and detailed data.

Statistics: Our Strong Suit!

Leverage the Power of Our Statistics Widgets 

✔️Keep tabs on negotiations, inventory turnover, and average product metrics.
✔️Explore turnover, cash flow, revenue, payment statistics, and more.
✔️Gather information about your leads (CRM).
✔️Monitor the Progress of Rental and Sales Negotiations.

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Digital Signature

Go paperless and allow your customers to e-sign and digitally receive contracts…
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With Renthub, you can effortlessly accept credit card payments from virtually anywhere, without the need for a physical POS or additional tools. Discover how by clicking the button below!

Renthub CRM

The Software that is also a CRM

Elevate Your Customer Relationships with our CRM

Our CRM is your key to managing appointments and keeping essential customer data close at hand, whether they are existing clients, potential customers, companies, or leads. By enhancing your commercial relationships, you can optimize your business processes.

A CRM isn’t just software; it’s a game-changer that keeps you connected with your customers, streamlines operations and boosts overall company performance.

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