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Do not you have a website for your rental business or do you have one and do you want to interface it with us?

Why do you need to make a website with RentHub?

Industry experts, ease of use and amazing functions
You will manage the website by working only as a management software in just few steps!
Multi-step initial configuration included in the price in order to be able to configure your website in the best way!
Overbooking will be impossible because bookings will synchronize in real time!
Customers will be able to book and pay directly online, with discount or no discount, or request an online quote to the operator who will immediately receive a request already filled in and ready to be sent or modified!
Your site will be created, updated and always connected to your management system so any changes you make from the back-end will appear directly on the front-end with a simple click!
All operations on reservations will be automatically visible to customers once registered. You can send yourself a registration request to the site directly from the management system with a click so that customers can download documents, see their booking and much more!



Un team di professionisti ti aiuterà a scegliere quello più adatto alle tue esigenze!

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We define a complete web communication project, in which all the phases are designed from the graphic image to the communication up to optimized website development in order to improve the assimilation and indexing process of search engines.

Thanks to a streamlined and easily usable logical structure, everyone arriving on your website finds immediately the information they are looking for.
In addition to good navigation, the website needs to communicate in a direct and engaging way, leading the user to make the final action, contact or sale.

Trust us! We create ad hoc solutions synchronized directly with ``RentHub`` Management Software

The web pages created are designed and optimized to obtain a good indexing of search engines, but positioning is another thing, it means being on the front page with a keyword that generates a good number of average monthly searches in particular on Google, it is the first strategy to get visibility but there are many others, so we suggest web marketing analysis before each project.

Responsive Website (Optimized for Smartphones and Tablets)

Multilingual (You can insert as many languages as you want)

Starting SEO is included

Latest generation graphic templates.

Your website on the first page on Google


We are experts in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), that means positioning of websites in Google searches, experience gained after years of work on the Web and studies in constant evolution on the main search engine used almost all over the world.
The term positioning means a set of techniques and strategies that aim to improve the position of a website in Google search results. The main objective of the Positioning Service is to increase visibility on Google, in order to obtain the maximum number of visitors to your website.

Positioning is not an exact science!

Nobody can guarantee you that you will appear first on the various search engines and be wary of those who do. We guarantee that your site will be optimized for the best possible visibility!


Your Rental Engine

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