Increase your customer satisfaction and empower your business thanks to NPS system

Create satisfaction questionnaires to send to your customers in an easy way, get all the feedback you need!

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NPS Net promoter score

Net Promoter Score

Get all the feedback you need thanks to NPS system!

Creating questionnaires is really simple!

Find the Sections

Identify the company sections on which you want to know the approval rating. For example, the rental service or the
courtesy of your staff or knowing the satisfaction of the services offered.

Create the questionnaire

Create the questionnaire quickly and easily (even a multilingual questionnaire). Customize the questions by indicating the type of answer, if it is an open-ended answer or an asnwer with score, if it is mandatory or not, select the type of score (yes/no, from 1 to 5, from 1 to 10, stars, smileys).

Automatic submission

You don’t have to do anything! At the end of the rental or at the end of a service, the software will automatically send an email to the customer containing the evaluation questionnaire. The receipt of the score is immediate!

Calculation of NPS score

In real time on a dedicated dashboard you can view statistics and graphs showing your overall NPS score. Thanks to our Net Promoter Score system you will not need to perform any type of calculation. Renthub calculates the score for you!

Why do we reccomend to monitor the NPS?

By constantly monitoring the evaluations of your customers you will be able to make strategic business decisions in order to increase customer satisfaction and consequently also increasing the turnover of your company.
net promoter score

Why is this system useful?

Companies like yours use NPS to measure their customers satisfaction and their loyalty at every stage of experience. Through satisfaction questionnaires you can, in fact, understand how customers perceive the services offered. This will allow you to identify areas that need to be improved.

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