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Streamline your operations by collecting customer data and required documents before vehicle pickup, expediting the entire process.

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Online Check-in

Renthub Online Check-in

What Makes This Feature a Must-Have?

Thanks to this feature, your customers can effortlessly submit their personal information using a mobile device. As a result, when they arrive at our office, they can simply pick up the vehicle and be on their way.

Our software automatically sends an email to the customer every 7 days, beginning 30 days before the rental commences, to request the check-in.

Through this online process, the customer definitively confirms their reservation.

They can input all the necessary details, attach photos, include information about additional drivers and credit cards, and even make payments, simplifying your workflow significantly.

The result? Time optimization.

Your customers will only need to grab the vehicle keys and complete the check-out process, making their rental experience as smooth as possible.

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Unlock the Benefits of Renthub's Online Check-in

Time-Saving Convenience! With our Online Check-in system, your customers take control by inputting their data and adding extra driver information themselves. They can even attach photos and enter their credit card details. The result? Significant time and cost savings, all at your fingertips!

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